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Connecting with the beauty of nature

Each and every Love Miss M print is inspired by the simplicity of our natural surrounds.
We preserve this beauty through our photography so you can envelop your beloved child with all that’s enchanting in our world.

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You’ll notice we’re a little different from the other on-trend interior design art for children’s spaces available. Instead of curated images, we aim to charm your child with all that’s real. Our prints showcase a pureness; a lesson for your small sweetheart about perfection in imperfection and inherent exquisiteness in every bloom.

What if you were growing up in a world that told you imperfect wasn’t beautiful?

Meet Matilda. She’s perfect in every way.
She’s on the Autism spectrum, has an intellectual disability, and a passion for flowers.
Watching her interest and knowledge blossom gave me, as her Mother, an unmissable opportunity to learn together using nature as our classroom.
When the fresh flowers Matilda adored having in her room would wilt, I started to come up with a more permanent plan.

Blooms that would grow with my child. A way to create a world where she was just perfect the way she is.

Love Miss M was born. Read our story here.

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